(updated as of September 29, 2017, at 8:15 a.m.)


Q.  What is the 2017 Dallas bond program?

A.  The Dallas City Council formally called an election on August 9, 2017, to vote on a capital bond program with 10 propositions totaling $1.05 billion. The election will be held Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

The 10 propositions of this bond program, which does not require a property tax rate increase, are as follows:

  • Proposition A will fund $534 million to improve city streets and transportation
  • Proposition B will fund $262 million to create, improve and expand city parks and recreation facilities, including Klyde Warren Park and new parks across Dallas
  • Proposition C will fund $50 million for crucial renovations and improvements to existing buildings at Fair Park
  • Proposition D will fund $49 million to improve and expand flood protection and storm drainage facilities
  • Proposition E will fund $16 million to replace and repair library facilities and construct a new library
  • Proposition F will fund $14 million for repairing and improving cultural and performing arts facilities
  • Proposition G will fund $32 million for repairing, improving and constructing new fire and police facilities
  • Proposition H will fund $18 million to repair and improve City Hall and other city facilities
  • Proposition I will fund $55 million for economic development projects across the city
  • Proposition J will fund $20 million to improve and expand homeless assistance facilities


Q.   What is a bond program?

A.   A bond program is a voter-approved method for the City to purchase, install and or construct infrastructure generally lasting more than 20 years.


Q.   Why does Dallas need a bond program now?

A.   Many of our streets, libraries, parks and other infrastructure are in critical need of improvement, expansion and/or replacement. By addressing these needs, we can maintain and improve Dallas’ quality of life and economic vibrancy as the city develops and grows. 


Q.  Will the bond program benefit all parts of  Dallas?

A.  Yes. Depending on where you live, improvements may range from repairing streets and sidewalks, to building new libraries and parks, to improving flood protection and constructing public-safety facilities.


Q.  Will the bond program require a property tax  rate increase?

A.   No, the Dallas City Council members have worked hard to create a bond program that does NOT require a property tax rate increase.


Q.  How was the bond program decided?

A.   Determining the bond program was a long and comprehensive process. Beginning in May 2016 the City Council was briefed on the City's infrastructure needs. In October 2016, the City held 31 public input meetings across the City. Using this input, the City Council created the Citizens Bond Task Force to assist the City Manager and City Council to review and select projects for the 2017 Capital Bond Program.

The City Council reviewed their recommendations June 2016 and made modifications to the proposed package. On August 9, 2017, the City Council adopted the $1.05 billion bond program and ordered the election for November 7, 2017.


Q.  Must all 10 bond propositions pass to gain approval on the bond program?

A.   No, each proposition will be voted upon separately. Voters are encouraged to support all 10 propositions because the bond program addresses important needs that will benefit most neighborhoods across Dallas.


Q.  In past elections propositions were numbered. Why are they now lettered?

A.   The Texas Legislature recently passed a law requiring that all local government propositions be lettered and state propositions be numbered.  


Q.  Will taking on this debt put the City of Dallas’ credit rating at risk?

A.   No. In fact, credit-rating agencies view capital bond programs favorably because they demonstrate that a municipality is being strategic in protecting and investing in long-term infrastructure. 


Q.  When is the election and when is early voting?

A.   The election is Tuesday, November 7. Early voting runs October 23 - November 3. For locations and hours, go to http://dallascountyvotes.org.

Q.   Who is eligible to vote for the Dallas Bond program? 

A.  Any registered voter with an address located within the city limits of Dallas is eligible to vote in the bond election. 

Voter registration is now underway for new voters; however, all applications must be received in the Voter Registrar’s office or be postmarked by October 10, 2017, in order for a citizen to be eligible to vote in that election. 


Q.  Who is the leadership of the “Dallas Bond Campaign” committee?

A.   The co-chairs of the “Dallas Bond Campaign” Campaign Committee are former mayors Tom Leppert, Laura Miller and Ron Kirk. Kneeland Youngblood is the treasurer. 


Q. Can I endorse the bond program?  

A. Yes, individuals may endorse the bond program by completing a form on the dallasbondcampaign.com website.


Q.  Can I arrange a speaker to talk to my community/civic/business organization?

A.  Yes, please complete a request form at the website dallasbondcampaign.com. Or send an email to ashellene@thereedsprc.com.


Q.   How can I support the Dallas bond

A.    Corporate and individual contributions are acceptable, and there is no limit to the amount that you can give. Contributions are not tax deductible. Make checks payable to “Dallas Bond Campaign,” 3232 McKinney Ave, #855, Dallas, Texas 75204.


Q.  How can I learn more about the bond program?

A.  Go to dallasbondcampaign.com to check out the latest news, make a donation, request a yard sign or speaker for your organization, find early voting locations, volunteer and more!  


Q.    Are you on social media?

A.    Yes, find us on facebook at Dallas Bond 2017 and on Twitter at @dallasbond2017. The hashtag is #dallasbond2017.